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Please complete this brief survey to help us as we plan the sessions for CAMP LIKE MAX set to launch in June 2021. We are asking what areas your potential camper(s) would enjoy most if they were to attend CAMP LIKE MAX in June 2021. 

Please Note: Completing this survey is not a committment to attend camp.

Every camp will offer core group time with family members that will include fellowship, character building, and leadership development. Below is a brief description for each break out session area. Please select below the breakout area(s) of most interest for your child for the appropriate age group and skill level. 



Explore the basics or polish up on your advanced skills in soccer, basketball, baseball, etc.



Whether you know a little or know a lot about caring for horses, dairy cattle, and/or beef cattle, this track will be a fun exploration of even more.



Get your hands busy AND have an extra special souvenir from camp after exploring crafting trades like leather work and jewelry making!



Rough stock dummies, roping dummies, barrel racing - we'll start where you are now and work with you to help you improve in your rodeo skill.



You'll be conquering the great outdoors like a champ after learning more about building a campfire, setting up a tent, fishing, and making the perfect smore's treat.



Interested in theater, dance, or music? Stagecraft and costume design? We'll roll out the red carpet so you can show us what you've got!

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