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Camp Volunteer-Counselor Form
Upload Resumé

Thanks for your volunteering! We will email all volunteers about what to expect in the weeks leading up to camp date.

We believe in the potential of today’s youth. The Camp Like Max mission is to build character, develop skills, offer education, and strengthen the family core. In addition to adults, we are also looking for young people to serve as camp volunteers who can empower campers to dream big.  


Who qualifies? We are looking for adult volunteers, as well as high school students aged 16+ years who want to inspire and prepare upcoming future young leaders while heightening their own leadership capabilities. We also have places for junior volunteers aged 13-15 years. 

Resumé Requirements: High school or college students who want to develop their leadership capabilities should include a resumé. This is not required for non-student volunteers, but this is a great place to share your areas of speciality or even let us review potential new activities that you could lead.

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