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Camp Like Max is an evolving experience, but the overriding goal of everything we do is to focus on faith, family, fun, friendship, and positive attitude. 



With one hand on the here and now, giving his all and another hand firmly holding onto God, Max Henderson was a phenomenon who lived to be seven. Imagine a super fun summer camp event, with other smaller, themed events throughout the year, that are all built to inspire others with a spirit like Max Henderson's and a passion to help kids, families, and communities renew their energy and recenter on what matters most. That's what we do. We are a nonprofit organization, created in honor of Max, and building a summer camp. Join us! This is going to be so good! It already is.


Our annual summer camp kicked off with great success in June of 2021. Read below about some of the breakout sessions and customized tracks being planned for campers of all skill levels, experiences changing from year to year. In addition to those, campers will be discovering more about basic life skills like money management, manners and etiquette, communication, cooking, gardening, public speaking, personality/relationship styles. Maybe best of all, every camper, with their families, will have access to a core lineup of music and testimonies, friendship chats, parent/child relationships, comedy, and more.


Your best bet to keep up with all we'll have going on with programs and projects is to subscribe for future updates. We'll keep ya in the loop that way. Thanks again!


Explore the basics or polish up on your advanced skills in soccer, basketball, baseball, etc.

Animal Care

Whether you know a little or know a lot about caring for horses, dairy cattle, and/or beef cattle, this track will be a fun exploration of even more.


Get your hands busy AND have an extra special souvenir from camp after exploring crafting trades like leather work and jewelry making!


Rough stock dummies, roping dummies, barrel racing - we'll start where you are now and work with you to help you improve in your rodeo skill.


You'll be conquering the great outdoors like a champ after learning more about building a campfire, setting up a tent, fishing, and making the perfect smore's treat.

Performing Arts

Interested in theater, dance, or music? Stagecraft and costume design? We'll roll out the red carpet so you can show us what you've got!

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