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Funding Camp Like Max

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

How ya gonna fund this, Shane & Missi? Valid question.

So, you're sharing the vision for CAMP LIKE MAX, but you're wondering how we're handling funding. Thanks so much for your ongoing interest! We're proud of the strong foundation we're starting with and are completely confident your gifts are secure, tax deductible, and sure to reap great reward in the future. We're learning and growing and have surrounded ourselves with some amazing advisors.

Here's what we know so far and we hope you'll jump in and be part of this right away and for years to come. The short story about our funding plan is four-fold.

  1. Recurring donations top our wish list.

  2. We're offering a variety of options and more will be added over future years and decades, but we want to make it easy for you to support this special cause at whatever pace and rate you're able.

  3. Just as we seek to bring in funds, we also seek to spend as little as possible and that relies completely on joint ventures, key sponsors, and generous partners.

  4. All throughout, we'll be offering fun merchandise, great events, and a variety of other opportunities for your support to play a big part.

“We're proud of the strong foundation we're starting with and are completely confident your gifts are secure, tax deductible, and sure to reap great reward in the future.”

So, let me explain a bit about each.

Priority on Recurring Donations

Similar to the way some might pay for a subscription, an auto-paid bill, or a monthly tithe, we're trusting many of you will give what you can on a regular basis through online recurring gifts. This not only allows you to carve out a special place in your daily routine to honor Max's legacy and build strong families in an everlasting way, but it also allows us to have a steady baseline in our budget that we can rely on. Rather than hoping shirt sales go well or jackpot ropings stir big interest and piece together our long term plans based on that roller coaster of unknowns, recurring gifts are strong and steady, allowing us to make more sure plans and be more careful and judicious with a wisely paced growth plan. If you can give $10/month forever or $50/month forever, that ultimately does us much greater good than a one-time $500 gift because we're not left wondering from month to month how we can plan camps and events without that base budget plan. So, thank you for digging deep and committing to that sacrifice to help us pull this big CAMP LIKE MAX dream off in the best, most sustainable ways. Click here to set that up now.

Offering a Variety of Options

In addition to the recurring gifts, you may also give secure gifts online in any other form. You can mail checks. You can give us cash and we'll prepare a receipt. You can buy merchandise and attend events that pop up throughout the year offering a portion back to our nonprofit organization. All receipts for tax deduction will be given to you at the time of transaction and no statements will be provided later in the year, so be sure to hold onto those details as needed. In short, any way you want to give, we'll take it. We're already set up to handle that responsibly and if you throw us a curve ball we haven't dealt with yet, we'll get answers and work out the best way. We want to remove all barriers to everyone who has any idea for supporting CAMP LIKE MAX can do so easily.

Sponsorships are Key

A penny saved is a penny earned, right? So, when merchandise vendors let us buy their items at reduced rates so donations for those items can put more into the camp fund, perfect! When key advisors offer their services at significantly reduced rates while giving us the same top-notch attention, hallelujah! When facilities, stock, materials, and other fixed assets are leant to us for a timeframe without cost, wonderful! You get the idea. Legacy Foundation is helping us with secure online giving transactions, for example. We couldn't do what we're already doing without key sponsors and partners and that will always be the case. We'll be looking to drive down expenses as diligently as we're looking to drive up donations because we believe that's the most responsible way to build CAMP LIKE MAX to last at least through Murphy Henderson's lifetime and hopefully long beyond. We have learned from others' stories and wise counsel that there can be danger in multiple partnerships and helpers. With the help from our Board of Directors, we will keep our eyes fixed on the vision and not have "too many cooks in the kitchen." So, proceeding both with caution and with open arms, we welcome allies, sponsorships, and joint ventures as much as we offer financial donations. We'll also be pursuing a variety of grants, and keeping in touch with each supporting person, family, and organization as if they're part of the fam. That's just how we do life.

Spreading the Love with All Kinds of Fun Opportunities Along The Way

Let's put together a jackpot where income goes to CAMP LIKE MAX. Yes! Look at this super cute gift we could sell online for CAMP LIKE MAX. Yes! Some of this has already begun, obviously, and what fun we're having. As ideas like this spread not only within our network of close friends (we are so blessed with, by the way), we hope this model expands to reach communities we're not even personally involved in. Pop-up events, online and event merchandise sales, and fundraisers are sure to be an intentional aspect of our ongoing fundraising plans, hopefully serving as icing on the cake to the baseline recurring gift and grant support.

Thanks again for wanting to know more. If you have questions about a leadership level gift or something that would benefit from a personal conversation, please reach out.

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